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Digara Capability

Digara has built a solid reputation for delivering quality construction projects with integrity. Specialising in residential, commercial, and industrial building projects, the company also has extensive experience in design and construction of larger developments.

The scope of Digara’s services offers our clients a one-stop-shop for all their construction requirements. Services span a number of carefully structured divisions to ensure client’s needs are met smoothly and efficiently. These divisions are:

  • Project Planning
  • Construction Projects
  • Building Service

Project Planning

With a team of inhouse architects, engineers, developers, construction managers and experts from other fields of the building industry working together we are able to offer design and value engineering concepts to suit your project, whatever your budget.

The Digara Construction project planning team has a responsibility in providing policy guidance and development, project execution and performance management, and customer relations

We offer planning, scoping, design and oversee project performance management.

Building Service

We review construction plans for compliance with building codes, ensure that services to the building meet with local agencies for water and power, and offer innovated solutions that meet our customer’s requirements. Building Services can offer a package with the construction project team or isolated for specific plumbing, air conditioning, or electrical requirements.

In plumbing, we offer a range of drainage, subgrade reticulation, and the latest in fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens.  For Air Conditioning, we offer VRF systems, split unit cooling systems, and even exhaust fan ducting to fully compliment any HVAC requirement. Our Electrical section offers Main Switch Boards, electrical reticulation, and compliant lighting and electrical fixtures.

Construction Projects

Our construction projects range from erecting high rise buildings to small renovations for residential, commercials and industrial infrastructure.

We bring our clients’ visions to reality by taking a step forward in constructing and maintaining buildings of all sizes and applications.

Digara Construction Services (DCS) has a proven track record of executing the construction of Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial and Mining construction infrastructures throughout Papua New Guinea on time and on budget.

Whether working alone or in Joint Venture arrangements with other parties, DCS remains commitmed to delivering all project goals.

Message from the Construction Manager- John Averell

In today’s construction industry new challenges are confronting us every day, with the current building boom spearheaded by Exxon Mobil, safety has always been Digara’s first priority and this is quite different if you look at our safety records, with nil lost time, no major incidents/ accidents and fatalities uncounted during the completion of one million kina worth projects. This results don’t just happen they are the outcomes of committed and dedicated site staff. As our company policy states