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Our People

Digara Team

Digara's strength lies in our fully integrated, multi-skilled network of managers, specialized consultants, subcontractors and specialist tradesmen.

Our professional senior management team oversees 500 full time employees to deliver a range of commercial and residential projects. The productivity and efficiciency of our strong workforce is strengthened by our use of highly sophisticated project mangaement software systems that enhance our communication with clients and team members.

The directors of Digara Construction Services bring in-depth knowledge and experience in providing building solutions in Papua New Guinea, further ensuring the whole team work together to deliver projects on time and in budget.

John T. Sweet

Managing Director Ngo Holdings Ltd

John Sweet, has 19 years of construction administration in Papua New Guinea. After working for the Lae Builders Construction (LBC) Limited Company for the past 17 years, he has been Managing Director of Ngo Holdings for the last 3 years.

The LBC group has engaged over 1200 employees and has been involved in several industries including construction, property development and management, timber and steel manufacturing, shipping and the hospitality industry.

John's experience in the PNG environment is wide and varied but primarily focused on Information Technology, Administration Processes, Accounting and Human Resources.

W. N. (Bill) Sweet

Managing Director Digara Construction Services

Bill is the Managing Director of Digara Construction Services, and he has been involved in the construction industry for the last 16 years.

Bill has worked with a multi-family residential building company in Taxas, USA, that turned over a billion dollars in construction work annually and, more recently, has 12 years experience in Papua New Guinea as the General Manager for Lae Builders and contractors (LBC) Limited. LBC carried out work in residential, commercial and industrial construction all over Papua New Guinea.

Bill has a Associates Degree in Arts from Wentworth Military Academy, USA, where he earned his commission as an Officer of the United States Army. He also holds a Bachelors Degree from the Oklahoma State University, USA, in Construction Management Technology Engineering.

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